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SEC, CFTC & Financial Fraud Whistleblower Lawyer

The SEC, CFTC and federal government have recently worked together to institute new legislation and have created incentive programs which allow whistleblowers that have original source information and/or evidence of fraud being committed in the American financial and trade industries to recover monetary awards or bounties.  Much of this new legislation was created under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  The recent legislation has strengthened existing Qui Tam and whistleblower protection and reward laws in order to protect the stability of the United States of America's financial and trade markets.

For more information on reporting potential SEC violations, CFTC violations and other financial fraud or to speak to a whistleblower reward attorney, please email The Coomer Law Firm or use our simple contact form.  A financial fraud bounty action lawyer will inform, discuss, and educate you about reporting illegal actions to the proper authorities and the possible rewards that you may be eligible to receive under these new financial whistleblower incentive programs.

What are some examples of SEC, CFTC & financial fraud?

-U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Violations (Securities Fraud)
-U.S. Commodity Future Trading Commission (CFTC) Violations (Commodities Fraud)
-Derivative Fraud
-Stimulus Fraud
-Investment Fraud
-Insider Trading
-Market Manipulation
-Fraud in Option Markets
-Failure to Escheat Unclaimed Property & Funds
-Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Violations by Publically Traded U.S. Companies
-IRS Tax Fraud & Evasion
-Corporate Jet Abuse

What are some examples of  the type of person that would have original source information or evidence of U.S. financial system fraud?

-CPA's or Accountants
-Financial Officers (CFO)
-Executive Officers (CEO)
-Operating Officers (COO)
-Technology Officers (CTO)
-Investment Personnel
-Wall Street Employees
-Financial Advisors

Since 1986, relators (Whistleblowers) have recovered over $1 billion dollars for helping expose fraud against the government.  If you think you may have information and/or evidence of financial system fraud please email The Coomer Law Firm or use our simple contact form to speak with a Whistleblower lawyer.

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