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IRS Tax Fraud & Evasion Whistleblower Lawyer

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) under the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006 is allowed to provide incentives for people with knowledge of large scale tax non-compliance and/or evasion.  For many years the IRS  has had procedures in place where you can report tax fraud as confidential informant and remain anonymous.  In  combating  fraud and abuse on the American government it is important for individuals come forward, work with a tax fraud whistleblower lawyer, and expose the companies and criminals that are defrauding the U.S. citizens.  Whistleblowers may receive a reward of 15 percent to 30 percent of the amount the IRS collects as a result of information about tax fraud provided to the IRS.  To qualify, the whistleblowers must provide information about tax fraud or tax underpayments that exceeds $2 million (counting tax, penalties and interest).  The annual income of an individual tax cheat must exceed $200,000.

For more information on reporting potential tax fraud or to speak to a tax evasion Qui Tam attorney, please email The Coomer Law Firm or use our simple contact form.  A Whistleblower lawyer will inform, discuss, and educate you about potentially reporting illegal tax avoidance and the possible rewards that you may be eligible to receive from the IRS Whistleblower Office.

What are some examples of tax fraud?

-Corporate Underpayment of Taxes
-Pharmaceutical Company Tax Evasion Schemes
-Illegal Offshore Accounts & Transactions
-Large Multi Million Dollar Real Estate Transactions where Incorrect Taxes are Paid
-Underpayment of Federal Estate Taxes on Multi Million Dollar Estate
-Capital Gains Tax Evasion
-Underpayment of Trust Taxes
-Individual Underpayment of Taxes

What are some examples of  the type of person that would have original source information or evidence of Tax fraud?

-Oil, Gas & Mineral (Petroleum) Accountants
-Pharmaceutical Company Accountants
-CPA's or Accountants
-Financial Officers (CFO)
-Executive Officers (CEO)
-Operating Officers (COO)
-Technology Officers (CTO)
-Investment Personnel
-Financial Advisors
-Multinational Corporation Accountants

Since 1986, relators (Whistleblowers) have recovered over $1 billion dollars for helping expose fraud against the government.  If you think you may have information and/or evidence of tax fraud please email The Coomer Law Firm or use our simple contact form to speak with an tax fraud Whistleblower lawyer.

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