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Government Procurement & Contract Fraud Whistleblower Lawyer

Government contract fraud has increased as some contractors and subcontractors have found that they can make large profits by defrauding the American taxpayers.  Whistleblowers that have independent knowledge of procurement fraud committed against the government can expose the abuse with the help of the recently amended Federal False Claims Act and a Qui Tam attorney.  If the person that blows the whistle on contract fraud is the first to provide notice of the fraud a large financial reward can be recovered for helping the government identify and stop procurement fraud.  In  combating  fraud, abuse and waste in our government contracts it is important for insiders to come forward, work with a False Claims Act lawyer, and expose the companies and criminals that are defrauding the U.S. citizens.

For more information on reporting potential government contractor procurement fraud or to speak to a whistleblower fraud attorney, please email The Coomer Law Firm or use our simple contact form.  A Qui Tam lawyer will inform, discuss, and educate you about your potential contract fraud lawsuit and the possible rewards that you may be eligible to receive under a State and/or Federal False Claims Act action.

What are some examples of  government contract fraud?

-Defense & Military Contract Fraud
-False Certification
-Fraud in Highway & Construction Projects
-Overcharging for Products & Labor
-Price Fixing
-Contract Bid & Bribe Fraud
-Homeland Security Contract Fraud
-Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA)
-Cross Charging
-Davis-Bacon Act Violations
-Using Inferior Products
-Breach of Contract with the Government

What are some examples of  the type of person that would have original source information or evidence of government contractor fraud?

-Contractors & Employees
-Subcontractors & Employees
-Billing Specialists
-Financial Officers

Since 1986, relators (Whistleblowers) have recovered over $1 billion dollars for helping expose fraud against the government.  If you think you may have information and/or evidence of contractor or procurement fraud please email The Coomer Law Firm or use our simple contact form to speak with a Whistleblower lawyer.

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